Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving and Holiday Gifts

This is not my first Thanksgiving away from my family. It is, however, my first holiday away from Clover, my dog. I have to say, that's the weirdest part to me. However, I'm excited to be getting together with some classmates for the actual holiday and going to visit my aunt and uncle in Houston on Friday. Their son and his wife and son are going to be around for the weekend and seeing that baby makes me quite excited. (He's the cutest thing this side of the Atlantic.)

With the gift-giving holidays coming soon, my family has decided to take a new route this year. Since my sister Kristi got married in October, there are 4 "kids" in the family. We're doing secret Santa among us, I have Joe, my new brother-in-law. I'm not sure quite what to get him, but I'm excited to find him something. And then there are the puppies. My Clover deserves the best present in the world, Cubby too. He's my little wonder dog. And Kuma, the giant baby could always go for a new toy. Plus, we have a family tradition of ornaments from the pups to my parents.
As for my friends, well, I've taken the things I've learned in culinary school to my advantage. I'm going to make homemade mints similar to Altoids. And then I have a few ideas for some friends, but a lot of it involves baking them treats. I'm going to attempt to post all sorts of blogs on how to make the things I plan to create. It will be fun, I can guarantee that. I already have stacks of ideas and too much free time.

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  1. Hi Tristan. I am so pleased that my tutorial on making the gumpaste tulip will be of use to you. It's really nice when I hear back from someone. It seems that most of the visitors to my blog have searched on "gumpaste tulip" and ended up visiting me. Welcome to the land of blogging. It's fun and gives you a good record of your hobbies etc. I hope you will post some of your pastries and whatever else you are making on your course. Lucky you to be attending such a great school. I'll visit again! (P.S. I find the small print green on black a little hard to read, but then I have older eyes than you have!)